What is a Bespoke Furniture ?

To put it simply, it is a piece of furniture that is custom-made, taylored to your own specifications.

Most of our pieces of furniture can be Bespoke. This means, for example, that this nice sideboard you want but cannot fit, as is, between grand-ma's clock and the wall, can be built specially for you 3 inches narrower (or 4 inches taller, or maybe you have ideas about the handles, or whatever your specific situation is) so that it fits perfectly in your home.

What does a Bespoke Furniture cost ?

There is no straight answer to that. You should contact us and explain what your situation is.

Every room is different, and by definition so is every cutom-made piece of furniture.It is therefore impossible to just say "add 10% to the display price". WRITE TO US  or call us ( 01202434303 ) and we will study your request and come back to you with a definitive answer as for price, delays and conditions. (Service free of charge)

Can  deliver Bespoke Furniture for me ?

Absolutely. We will have your piece of furniture custom-made and delivered.

We have been providing our customer with high-quality, taylor-made pieces of furniture for more than 20 years. If it can be done - we can do it. So do not hesitate to ask more information :  WRITE TO US  or call us ( 01202434303 ) (Service free of charge)